Big Panoramas From Big Sky

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

The view from the summit of the Lone Peak tram at Big Sky Resort in Big Sky, MT is nothing short of breathtaking. At over 11,160 feet in elevation, Lone Peak looms some 4,350 feet above the base of the resort and provides a commanding view of the 5,850 acres of one of the largest ski resorts in North America. The weather here is nothing short of extreme as well. It takes a hardy soul to brave these big mountain elements, with conditions reminiscent of the Alps and big rewards to those make the trip. This is the 'top of the world' for southwest Montana and is a bucket-list experience for any serious skier or rider. Our latest Roundshot, perched on the roof of the upper tram terminal, is delivering spectacular images of the resort and documenting the incredible weather conditions in beautiful 2xUHD photographic quality.

Thanks to the great team at Big Sky for braving the elements to make this amazing Roundshot location possible.