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Roundshot Livecam Newsletter and Update May 2021

Dear Roundshot customers and friends,

As part of our ongoing dedication to improving the Roundshot technology platform, we are pleased to announce the upcoming release of the latest Livecam frontend web application for our desktop and mobile platforms.

Expected in June, the new release combines significant improvements in layout, design, performance and ease-of-use of the desktop viewer, along with a new responsive mobile platform and updates to the Roundshot mobile app for IOS and Android.

Highlights include:

• Desktop and responsive Mobile on one web platform

• Fresh new design philosophy and tools compatible with mobile devices

• Added functionality for the mobile app similar to full site

• Faster image loading, browsing and zooming

• New Archive, Map, Compare and Sharing tools

Please click below for the full Newsletter at

We are excited about these improvements, as they demonstrate our continued commitment to your Livecam experience and will help you continue to leverage the value of your Livecam investment for years to come.


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