Sensor Type                             3-linear RGB sensor

Vertical Resolution                   2,048 pixels

Dynamic Range                         9 f-stops

Lens Brand                               Canon EF-S

Focal Length                            from 18mm to 70mm - longer focals on request, software -adjustable motorized zoom control

Horizontal Resolution                for example with 70mm lens: 32,313 pixels

Total Resolution                        2,048 x 32,313 pixels = 66 million pixels

File Type                                   jpg (downloaded images), mp4 (downloaded timelapse video)

Min. time for a 360° scan            with 24mm lens: 6 seconds

Exposure Times                         from 1/333 sec. to 10 seconds (per pixel)

Exposure Options                      automatic with prescan, automatic with variation, prescan with variation,  software adjustable f-stop control

Sensitivity Control                     ISO/ASA 100, 200, 300, 400, 600, 800

Image Format                           adjustable vertically and horizontally, software-adjustable motorized tilt control (+ 15 to -15 degrees)

Image Angle                             from 1° to 360° in 1° steps

Housing                                   heated, weatherproof, dimensions: height: 12.2", diameter: 7.4", weight: 12.2 lbs

Camera Control                         via Roundshot software application on embedded Linux computer

Image Transfer                          Ethernet (100 mbps, speed upgrade to gigabit ethernet available)

Connectivity                              Standard 10/100 Ethernet, optional Wi-Fi or optional 3G/4G cellular with antenna

External Power Supply                110-220V power supply, output 24V DC

Video Camera (optional)              UHD Basler Video Camera (Streaming or Panoramic Clips) 

Hardware                                  High resolution 360° camera in weatherproof motorized housing, 100' outdoor-rated Ethernet cable, 100'                                                                outdoor-rated power cable, A/C power adapter, professional Canon zoom lens 18-55mm, embedded industrial                                                          computer with Linux OS


Software                                   Roundshot Livecam capture software to control camera, schedule image collection, create exposure

                                                templates by time of day (GPS adjustable for sunrise/sunset), Image Uploader, use of web                                                                                    interface with webhosting,  iphone/ipad + android apps, screensaver application, software to display                                                                     images on large screens, tv broadcast interface (accessory)



NOTE: All hardware and software warranties and repairs are provided through their respective manufacturers

Standard Equipment and Services

Roundshot Livecam D2 Gen 3 package - Canon 18-55mm EF-S lens, 360 waterproof heated housing,  Livecam D2 image capture software on embedded industrial PC with Linux OS  power supply and cables, Ethernet connectivity with optional embedded Wi-Fi or 3G/4G cellular                                                                     

Optional UHD Basler streaming video camera

Roundshot Web Hosting Service and Image Viewer  - 100 Gb data per year, HTML5 website,  Android/IOS, Livecam Screensaver, remote maintenance and web server admin, subscription per month. Additional storage for image archive (100 Gb)                                                          


Additional PanoAlpin services including support, programming, per day                                                                                              

PanoAlpin installation and on-site maintenance, per day plus travel                                                                                                  


Power protection, lightning protection, mast mounts, NEMA enclosures, grounding materials on a per install basis, by request


Please use the CONTACT form to inquire about equipment and services pricing and accessories