Roundshot Livecam images are downloaded from the camera using embedded Roundshot Livecam software provided with the system.   The software controls the camera by initiating the collection of the images, controlling the exposure and image quality and archiving images as JPG files (usually anywhere from 3MB to 20MB in size, depending on focal length, quality and resolution) on the local SD card.


Seitz subscription-based hosting provides an image uploader tool which automatically compresses and sends images as they are collected from the Roundshot software to the Roundshot hosted cloud.  Your site can then simply link to the viewer URL.

Exciting web hosting and viewer services include the following:

Viewer - Browser and Mobile Enabled

The HTML5 web viewer presents the latest image from the camera (usually uploaded every 10 minutes) using a visualy appealing and highly functional web interface, optimzed for both desktop and mobile devices.  The initial view is a rotating panorama that can be manually rotated or zoomed using a mouse.  

Viewer - Image Archive

As part of the Livecam subscription, panoramas from the camera are permanently archived online.  The web viewer allows the user to select any past image from the archive by time, day, month or year using a carousel timeline. The user can mouse over the timeline to see all past images for the time period and then click on any image to display.  The user can also click on arrows on the toolbar under the image to show the previous or next image, or return to the newest image, or use the Compare feature to see images side-by-side.  Panoramas can be downloaded directly from the viewer.

Viewer - Best Shots

The adminstrator can review recent panoramas and designate especially good images as "best shots".  These can be accessed by clicking the "Best Shots" icon on the Viewer menu.  Best shots are reviewed and updated manually.

Viewer - Multi-Language

The Viewer allows most text, icons, content, ticker text and instructions to be displayed in a number of languages.  The user can currently select English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian and Finnish.   The administrator inputs appropriate translations for each of the multi-lingual text locations.

Viewer - Image Timelapse

In addition to displaying single images, the  Viewer can create a timelapse view of multiple images for any period, from a single day, up to a week, month or year.  Timelapse images can be downloaded by the user as a MP4 file with download options that include frame rate, pixel size and image quality settings.

Viewer - Full Screen Mode

Full Screen mode removes all content, logos, frames and text and displays the rotating HD panorama in full screen.

Viewer - Hot Spots

Fully configurable hot spot icons can be placed anywhere on the image to define special points of interest.  Hot spots can be linked to external content, including web sites, videos and images.  A text dialog box can be displayed by clicking or mousing over the hot spot icon, or permanent labels can be shown.  Hot spots can be toggled off and will dissappear when in full screen mode.   

Viewer - Logos and Links

The Viewer allows linkable logos (JPG, PNG, EPS, etc.) to be located on various parts of the screen.  These can be used for advertising or sponsorship purposes and can drive web traffic to other sites as desired. Banners and scrolling text can be placed on the lower portion of the screen as well. Such tools allow cross-sell and up-sell opportunites for the camera owner.

Viewer - Overview Map

The Viewer uses Google Maps to display an overview map showing the location of the camera and current viewing direction.  The map can display in map, satellite, hybrid or terrain modes.  Additional camera sites can be pinned to the map to allow the user to access other cameras in the area.   The map can be zoomed or moved with the mouse.

Viewer - ECard Share

Users can send an e-card of the current image, a previous image or a portion of an image using the e-card tool.  A link or embedded HTML code can also be sent.  The user enters the recipient's name and email address and subject as well as their own name and email address. 

Viewer - Social Media Share


A link to the current image, a past image or portion of an image can be sent via Facebook or Twitter using the Facebook and Twitter icons on the menu of the viewer.

Viewer - Privacy


Any portion of the image can be specifcally masked via pixelation or black box. This is useful for blocking views of windows, private property or anywhere someone may request to have their privacy maintained.  In addition, the camera Viewer may be password protected to allow only authorized users to view the images.

Viewer - Other Features


Seitz provides additional services and features, including:

  • Local weather forecast and current camera conditions (Temp, baro and humidity)

  • A full-feature Windows screen saver with rotating live cam images

  • Viewer format for display of images on digital signage and TV

  • Mobile apps for IOS and Android

  • Fully supported HTML5 development for all browsers