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Incredible 360 Panoramas Live From the Summit of the Jasper SkyTram in Alberta, Canada

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

In 1960, Albertan adventurer William McGregor climbed to the summit of Whistlers Mountain, Jasper. Inspired by the incredible views, McGregor dreamed of sharing his experience with the rest of the world. Construction of the SkyTram began in 1963, with many key components being imported from Germany. The project was finished in time for the grand opening in the summer of 1964. Since opening, over 6 million visitors have ridden the Jasper SkyTram and experienced the same breathtaking Rocky Mountain views that first inspired McGregor over half a century ago.

We are proud to have worked with the great folks at RMSI Jasper Marmot and Morad Communications to make these amazing views available to a world-wide audience through the power of Roundshot Livecam D2 Gen 3 technology. Perched on a cell tower at the 7,200' tram summit, the Livecam captures sweeping views from the town of Jasper, into the amazing peaks and valleys of Jasper National Park to the southeast and west into British Columbia up the Yellowhead highway. Jasper is a nexus of exciting activities in the Canadian Rockies, including white-water rafting, mountain biking, hiking and photography in the national parks and skiing at nearby Marmot Basin.

We look forward to inspiring and enthralling images from this new cam for years to come.

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