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Telluride, CO - The Highest Roundshot the World?

There are some 250 Roundshot Livecams across the Alps, from the Diablerets of France, to the Berner Oberland and Jungfrau peaks in Switzerland, and the Alps of Bavaria. However none of them quite rises to the height of the latest Roundshot here in the US. In the southwest corner of Colorado's San Juan Range, bristling with 13- and 14-thousand-foot peaks., stands Telluride Ski Resort's new Revelation Bowl cam, peering down from its special perch on a rocky ridge at 12,580 ft. (3'835 m). It commands a view of Telluride Mountain Village, the town of Telluride in the valley some 4,000 feet below, as well as the famous Telluride airport across the valley - described by some pilots as "like landing on an aircraft carrier". Look for some of the most beautiful shots possible in Colorado - striking winter sunrises and exceptional fall days filled with the colors of changing leaves. You'll want to bookmark this one.


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